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Kyle Pêche | Building Upon Mineral Balancing’s Foundation with Binders, EMF Blocking Technologies, Dirty Electricity Filters, Melatonin, and More!

After facing 7 years of struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome & Lyme Disease resulting in panic attacks, derealization, debilitating brain fog, and many other mysterious symptoms, Kyle became obsessed with getting well. Despite being in his early 20s, he was forced down a winding road through countless healing systems, supplements, and diets, with no lasting solutions.


When he discovered mineral-balancing, he found it was the missing piece to his health puzzle, going on to fully recover and find the best health of his life. Several years later, he now helps others in similar health situations that he was in, as well as help people reach new heights in their physical & mental performance, beyond “biohacking.” 



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00:00 Introduction and Background

06:38 Kyle's Journey of Healing

15:20 The Impact of Heavy Metals on Personality Traits

32:38 CalMac Fusion and Parasite Release

41:26 The Success of Selling Products

50:06 Reducing EMF Exposure for Improved Health

59:16 Managing Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

01:06:10 The Antioxidant and Antiretroviral Properties of Melatonin

01:22:18 Where to Find Kyle Peche



  • Mineral balancing is a powerful tool for addressing chronic illness and heavy metal toxicity.

  • Binders like modified citrus pectin and zeolite can help reduce heavy metal levels and support detoxification.

  • Heavy metals can impact personality traits and reducing their levels can improve cognition and overall well-being.

  • BioSil and bamboo extract are effective in aluminum detoxification.

  • CalMag Fusion is a beneficial product for mineral balancing and may lead to the release of parasites. Mineral balancing is crucial for supporting the body's natural detoxification processes and achieving optimal health.

  • Individualized protocols are necessary in the mineral balancing journey to address specific mineral imbalances and detox reactions.

  • Using high-quality supplements, such as Valence and ZeoCharge, can support mineral balance and detoxification.

  • Reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is important for overall health, and strategies like grounding and EMF protection can be beneficial.

  • Melatonin plays a significant role in brain detoxification and has powerful antioxidant and antiretroviral properties.



Kyle Peche shares his journey of overcoming chronic illness through mineral balancing. He discusses the importance of addressing heavy metal toxicity and the role of binders like modified citrus pectin and zeolite in the detoxification process. He also highlights the impact of heavy metals on personality traits and the benefits of reducing their levels. Additionally, he mentions the use of BioSil for aluminum detoxification and the potential of bamboo extract in mineral balancing products. Matthew Coffman shares his experience with zeolite and the release of parasites, as well as the benefits of CalMac Fusion in mineral balancing. In this conversation, Matthew Coffman and Kyle Peche discuss the importance of addressing mineral imbalances and detoxification in order to achieve optimal health. They explore the role of mineral balancing in supporting the body's natural detoxification processes and improving overall well-being. They also touch on the challenges of navigating the mineral balancing journey, including the potential for detox reactions and the need for individualized protocols. Additionally, they discuss the benefits of using high-quality supplements, such as Valence and ZeoCharge, in supporting mineral balance and detoxification. The conversation also delves into the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on health and the importance of implementing strategies to reduce EMF exposure. Finally, they highlight the role of melatonin in supporting brain detoxification and its potential as a powerful antioxidant and antiretroviral agent.




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