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Yoni Havana | Doubt to Devotion: From Atheist to Awakened

Yoni Havana is a Holistic Lifestyle and Awakening Guide, and a Podcast Host. On a mission to increase awareness on earth, Yoni focuses on helping motivated individuals uncover the root causes of their illnesses, heal themselves, and optimize their lifestyle to increase the consistency and frequency of joy, gratitude, and satisfaction. He provides inspiration and practical knowledge that will ignite and support any individual’s journey towards a fulfilled life.



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00:00 Introduction and Podcast Break

01:50 Background and Journey into Holistic Health

05:46 The Power of Plant Medicine and Awakening

09:09 The Impact of Plant Medicine on Health

12:22 Integration and the Importance of Processing Experiences

21:18 First Plant Medicine Experience and Awakening

26:43 The Shift from Atheism to Belief in God

30:05 Contamination of Spirituality by Religion

33:04 The New Paradigm of Masculinity

34:09 Choosing Light over Darkness

34:22 The Light and Darkness of Life

36:02 The Power of Quantum Upgrade Frequencies

41:58 The Surrender Experiment

45:36 The Flow of Life and Consciousness

51:04 Finding Your True Fans

01:06:24 Working with Men and Masculinity

01:09:43 Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energies

01:13:01 The Importance of Emotional Expression for Men

01:17:08 The Purpose of Men's Retreats

01:21:57 The Power of Conscious Eating

01:29:34 Healing Ancestral Trauma



  • Plant medicine can have a profound impact on healing and awakening, but it is important to integrate and process the experiences.

  • Ketamine and other plant medicines can be effective in dealing with trauma and shifting perspectives.

  • The contamination of spirituality by religion has led to a loss of connection to God and a need for individual exploration and understanding.

  • The new paradigm of masculinity involves being emotionally available, purpose-driven, and sensitive to others.

  • Choosing light over darkness is a powerful mindset that can lead to personal growth and transformation. Embracing both light and darkness in life is essential for growth and balance.

  • Quantum upgrade frequencies can have a profound impact on abundance and prosperity.

  • The surrender experiment involves letting go of personal preferences and going with the flow of life.

  • Finding your true fans and building a loyal following is key to success.

  • Working with men and masculinity requires understanding and creating a safe space for open and honest conversations. Understanding and balancing masculine and feminine energies is essential for personal growth and healthy relationships.

  • Men can benefit from creating spaces for emotional expression and vulnerability.

  • Men's retreats provide an opportunity for personal growth, community connection, and intentional planning.

  • Conscious eating can be a form of meditation and a way to cultivate gratitude and presence.

  • Healing ancestral trauma requires deep inner work and can lead to personal liberation and a broader perspective on historical events.



In this conversation, Yoni Havana discusses his journey into holistic health and awakening. He shares his experiences with plant medicine, including the power of plant medicine in healing and the importance of integration and processing experiences. Yoni also touches on the use of ketamine and other plant medicines. He reflects on his shift from atheism to belief in God and discusses the contamination of spirituality by religion. Finally, he explores the new paradigm of masculinity and the importance of choosing light over darkness. The conversation explores the themes of light and darkness in life, the power of quantum upgrade frequencies, the surrender experiment, the flow of life and consciousness, finding your true fans, and working with men and masculinity. In this conversation, Yoni Havana discusses the concepts of masculine and feminine energies and the importance of emotional expression for men. He also shares insights into men's retreats and the benefits of conscious eating. Finally, Yoni delves into his work on healing ancestral trauma and the personal experiences that have shaped his journey.







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