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Thaddeus Owen | Illuminate & Hibernate: Biohacking Tips For Light Hacking and The Hibernation Diet

Thaddeus Owen is known in the biohacking space as “Primal Hacker”. He is an expert in all things Light Hacking and we dive into his book ‘ The Hibernation Diet.” His book talks about the impact of light exposure on our hormones, metabolism, and sleep. He explains the changing light exposure throughout the year can affect appetite, weight loss, and how cycling our diet though the year in the optimal approach. 


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00:00 Introduction and Background

01:10 Early Interest in Biohacking

03:10 Experimenting on Himself

04:40 Biohacking and Individual Differences

05:20 Discovering Biohacking through Podcasts

08:20 Thaddeus' Experience with Dave Asprey's Coaching Program

09:29 The Importance of Emotional Work in Biohacking

10:19 The Impact of Psychedelics on Mental Health

12:54 The Importance of Sharing Biohacking Information

15:58 The Harmful Effects of Artificial Light at Night

22:29 Choosing the Right Light Bulbs

29:38 The Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

39:38 The Importance of Sunlight in the Morning

45:48 The Importance of Sunlight and Circadian Rhythm

56:50 The Benefits of Using Iris for Computer Screens

01:15:21 Understanding Winter and Seasonal Eating

01:20:47 Adapting Diet to Location and UV Light Exposure

01:25:05 Optimizing Winter Lifestyle

01:31:08 Vitamin D and Chronic Infections

01:33:37 The Benefits of Cold Adaptation

01:37:02 Biohacking Course and Taking Ownership of Health



  • Biohacking involves looking within yourself and your environment to optimize your health.

  • Artificial light at night can disrupt your circadian rhythm and have negative effects on your health.

  • Using red lights or blue light blocking glasses at night can help protect melatonin production and improve sleep.

  • Getting sunlight in the morning is crucial for setting your circadian rhythm and improving overall health. Getting sunlight in the morning is important for setting up melatonin production at night.

  • Avoid wearing sunglasses, glasses, or contacts during the day to allow the eyes to absorb the full spectrum of light.

  • Grounding, or connecting with the Earth, can reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

  • Seasonal eating and adapting diet to location and UV light exposure can optimize health and weight management.

  • In the winter, it is beneficial to slow down, engage in spiritual work, and prioritize sleep and rest. Vitamin D supplementation can be beneficial for individuals with chronic infections and imbalanced mineral levels.

  • Cold adaptation in the winter can open ancient pathways in the body, leading to improved detoxification, reduced inflammation, and better sleep.

  • Taking ownership of one's health is crucial, and resources like biohacking courses can provide valuable information and guidance.

  • Building a board of directors for one's health, consisting of various experts and modalities, can help individuals make informed decisions about their well-being.



Thaddeus Owen shares his journey into biohacking and the importance of natural biohacks. He discusses the harmful effects of artificial light at night and the benefits of using red lights or blue light blocking glasses. Thaddeus emphasizes the significance of getting sunlight in the morning to set the circadian rhythm and improve overall health. The conversation covers the importance of sunlight and circadian rhythm, the benefits of using Iris for computer screens, the benefits of grounding, understanding winter and seasonal eating, adapting diet to location and UV light exposure, and optimizing the winter lifestyle. In this conversation, Matthew Coffman and Thaddeus Owen discuss various topics related to health and biohacking. They cover the importance of vitamin D in alleviating chronic infections and its impact on mineral levels. They also explore the benefits of cold adaptation in the winter, including improved detoxification, reduced inflammation, and better sleep. Additionally, they discuss Thaddeus' biohacking course and the importance of taking ownership of one's health.



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