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Susan Cachay | Why Children Should be On a Mineral Balancing Protocol for Development

Susan Cachay is an educator, psychology counsellor, and holistic nutritionist who has specialized in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing for 15+ years. Why? Together they’re precise and personal and they make comprehensive healing possible.


Susan has reviewed thousands of HTMA charts as a practitioner and coach for other practitioners. Among the 100+ practitioners she has coached, many came to her lacking a thorough understanding of stress patterns, they were unsure how to interpret HTMA results, and didn’t have the confidence to develop recommendations.


Susan noticed a gap in the available HTMA training that she is uniquely qualified to fill, and she created HTMA Success, an accredited Hair Analysis & Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner course. Through her training, you can better your skills and find fulfillment in helping others through healing, plus take your business to the next level!


Use code ITP for $100 off HTMA Success.


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00:00 Introduction and Background

03:00 The Shift Towards Mineral Balancing

08:21 The Effectiveness of Mineral Balancing

11:52 The Detrimental Effects on Children

16:46 The Importance of Starting Early

21:22 Understanding the Four Lows Pattern

25:37 Dosing for Children

30:43 The Role of Diet in Children's Health

35:04 Administering Supplements to Children

40:50 Involving Children in Healing Practices

41:28 Using Red Light Therapy for Children

42:57 Sauna Use for Children

46:00 Benefits of Mineral Balancing for Children

47:26 Creating a Calm and Peaceful Home Environment

49:12 Improvements in Children's Health with Mineral Balancing

51:27 Effects of Mineral Imbalances on Children with ADD/ADHD

52:30 The Impact of Metals on Neurochemistry

55:05 The Importance of Retesting and Adjusting the Protocol

57:06 Long-Term Healing and Dumping of Metals

58:59 The Healing Journey for Couples and Families

01:01:40 Retesting Guidelines for Children

01:05:00 Mineral Balancing for Vaccine Injuries

01:07:44 Mineral Balancing for Children with Autism

01:10:43 Flexibility in Implementing the Program for Children

01:18:28 Feedback on the Mineral Balancing Course for Practitioners

01:20:41 The Value of Continued Support and Mentorship

01:21:09 The Importance of Startup Materials

01:21:37 Guidance for Handling Detox Reactions

01:22:04 Recommendation and Promotion of the Course

01:22:21 Closing Remarks and Contact Information



  • Mineral balancing is an effective approach for improving children's health and addressing the detrimental effects of toxins.

  • Starting mineral balancing early, even during pregnancy, can have significant benefits for both the mother and the baby.

  • The four lows pattern is becoming more common in children, indicating low mineral levels and adrenal function.

  • Dosing for children should be adjusted based on age, weight, and size, and it is important to be conservative with supplementation.

  • Involving the whole family in mineral balancing can create a supportive environment and role model healthy habits for children.

  • Red light therapy can be used for children, with caution and appropriate dosing, to support their health and well-being. Sauna use for children should be approached with caution, and shorter sessions with lower heat are recommended.

  • Mineral balancing can have significant benefits for children's health, including improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and increased concentration.

  • Creating a calm and peaceful home environment is crucial for children's overall health and well-being.

  • Retesting and adjusting the protocol is important for optimal results in mineral balancing.

  • Mineral balancing can be beneficial for children with vaccine injuries and autism.

  • Flexibility in implementing the program for children is important, and even partial adherence can yield positive results. Continued support and mentorship are invaluable when learning and practicing a new skill.

  • Having access to startup materials can greatly enhance the learning experience and provide valuable resources for clients.

  • Understanding and addressing detox reactions is important for clients' well-being and success in the program.

  • Recommendations and promotions from satisfied students can help attract new students to the course.



In this conversation, Susan Cachay discusses the importance of mineral balancing for children's health. She explains the shift towards mineral balancing and the effectiveness of this approach. Susan also highlights the detrimental effects of toxins on children and the need to start mineral balancing early. She discusses the four lows pattern and the dosing considerations for children. Susan emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet for children and provides tips for administering supplements. Lastly, she discusses the use of red light therapy for children's health. This part of the conversation focuses on the use of saunas for children, the benefits of mineral balancing for children's health, creating a calm and peaceful home environment, improvements in children's health with mineral balancing, the impact of metals on neurochemistry, the importance of retesting and adjusting the protocol, the long-term healing and dumping of metals, the healing journey for couples and families, retesting guidelines for children, mineral balancing for vaccine injuries, mineral balancing for children with autism, and the flexibility in implementing the program for children. The conversation also includes feedback on the mineral balancing course for practitioners. In this conversation, Matthew Coffman and Susan Cachay discuss the value of continued support and mentorship, the importance of startup materials, guidance for handling detox reactions, and a recommendation and promotion of the course.



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