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Susan Cachay | Learn How to Become a Mineral Nutritional Balancing HTMA Success Practitioner

Susan Cachay is an educator, psychology counsellor, and holistic nutritionist who has specialized in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing for 15+ years. Why? Together they’re precise and personal and they make comprehensive healing possible. Susan has reviewed thousands of HTMA charts as a practitioner and coach for other practitioners. Among the 100+ practitioners she has coached, many came to her lacking a thorough understanding of stress patterns, they were unsure how to interpret HTMA results, and didn’t have the confidence to develop recommendations. Susan noticed a gap in the available HTMA training that she is uniquely qualified to fill, and she created HTMA Success, an accredited Hair Analysis & Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner course. Through her training, you can better your skills and find fulfillment in helping others through healing, plus take your business to the next level! Use code ITP for $100 off HTMA Success. Susan Cachay Nutrition & Counselling


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