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Sena Maria | Radiantly Nourished : A Feminine Approach to Mineral Balancing

Sena Maria supports women to embrace a nourished, resilient and radiantly healthy state.  She uses Mineral Nutritional Balancing to rebuild our mineral heritage and get to the root of our health issues. She believes that we are only as healthy as our cells and by supporting our bodies ability to create energy and eliminate toxins efficiently, we can return to the simple, natural joy of being alive. 

Sena’s degree in Psychology, career at Google and her subsequent studies of yoga, energy healing, shamanism, plant medicine, tools for building emotional capacity and integration, and Mineral Nutritional Balancing have led her to sit with many questions about what humanity may need at this time to heal from trauma + toxins, strengthen our families and create mineral-rich generations to come. She offers a woman-centric approach to healing with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis utilizing it as a tool for deepening connection with one's self.


Work With Me:

Mineral Balancing HTMA Consultation: 

My Instagram: @integrativematt



00:00 Introduction and Background

01:00 The Effectiveness of Mineral Balancing

08:18 The Importance of Metabolic Foundations

10:08 The Pros and Cons of the Root Cause Protocol

14:20 Exploring the Benefits and Risks of Psychedelics

23:28 Understanding the Interconnectedness of Minerals

26:00 The Misunderstood Importance of Calcium

29:25 The Power of Fluidity and Open-Mindedness in Health

52:11 Supporting Women's Health and Feminine Energy

55:22 A Slower Approach for Women in Mineral Balancing

58:09 Reconnecting with Natural Rhythms and Hormone Regulation

01:00:24 Creating Safety and Resilience in Women's Bodies

01:02:44 Embracing Feminine Roles

01:15:01 The Impact on Relationships

01:22:18 Radiantly Nourished Membership

01:25:19 Community Support

01:27:22 The Power of Sharing Experiences



  • Different people resonate with different mineral balancing practitioners, so it's important to find someone who aligns with your needs and preferences.

  • Mineral balancing focuses on the overall program rather than specific diagnoses, as the program tends to work well for most people.

  • Sena's background includes working in tech, exploring spirituality through plant medicine, and studying microdosing and ceremonial experiences.

  • Sena's health issues led her to discover mineral balancing and the importance of addressing the body's metabolic foundations.

  • The RCP is a one-size-fits-all protocol that focuses on increasing bioavailable copper, but Sena found that it didn't align with her belief in individualized approaches to health.

  • Psychedelics can provide expanded perspectives and resiliency, but long-term effects and individual sensitivities should be considered.

  • Microdosing can be beneficial for some, but long-term impacts are still unknown, and it's important to listen to your body and not rely on it as a quick fix.

  • Minerals play interconnected roles in the body, and a balanced approach is necessary for optimal health.

  • Fluidity in thoughts and openness to new information are important for personal growth and understanding.

  • Calcium is often misunderstood and demonized, but it plays a crucial role in the body and should not be overlooked.

  • Individualized approaches to health and continuous learning are key to finding what works best for you. Mineral balancing can bring women into their natural state and support their feminine energy.

  • A slower, more nourishing approach is often beneficial for women in mineral balancing.

  • The program can regulate hormones, improve energy levels, reduce inflammation, and alleviate symptoms such as emotional PMS and brain fog.

  • Mineral balancing can create a sense of safety in the body and support women in their mothering roles.

  • The journey of mineral balancing can be transformative for women, helping them feel more vital, grounded, and resilient. Mineral balancing can shift women's perspectives on their roles and relationships, leading them to embrace their feminine energy and prioritize their family.

  • Mineral balancing programs that include a community aspect provide support and a space for women to share their experiences and learn from each other.

  • The Radiantly Nourished membership is a 12-month mineral balancing program for women that includes monthly calls and one-on-one consultations.

  • Mineral balancing can have a positive impact on women's menstrual cycles, fertility, and overall well-being.

  • The program allows women to be intentional and thoughtful in their relationships, ensuring alignment with their values and desires.



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