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Ryan Sprague | Creating a Conscious Container Around Cannabis

Ryan is the founder & co owner of Highly Optimized. Highly Optimized is a company dedicated to helping its clients transform & become the conscious leaders the world is patiently awaiting.

He is also the host of the “Highly Optimized” Podcast, the “This One Time On Psychedelics” podcast & is the creator of the “Connect With Cannabis” program & the “Grow With Cannabis” course.

Ryan’s mission in life is helping his fellow brothers & sisters become empowered in their experience of being alive through 1 on 1 men’s coaching, plant medicine integration coaching & retreat experiences.

Connect with him on IG @therealryansprague & @highly.optimized & visit his website at for all the ways he can guide you in becoming the most empowered version of yourself, starting today.

Download the free “Conscious Cannabis Guide” here:


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