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Noah Ryan | Supplement Stacks and Spiritual Narcissism

Noah Ryan is a real citizen scientist in all realms  Fitness, Supplements, Peptides, Lifestyle Design, Hormones, and Personalized Protocols. His nomadic lifestyle in Mexico has brought him more health than and Biohack could have ever imagined. 



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My Instagram: @integrativematt


00:00 Introduction and Nootropics

03:07 Proteolytic Enzymes and Benefits

04:55 Nicotine and its Benefits

10:53 Nicotine Delivery Systems and Tobacco

12:31 Nicotine and Lucid Dreaming

19:19 Exploring Health and Nuance

24:01 Personal Health Journeys

28:02 Adverse Reactions to SSRIs

32:09 Pharmaceutical Industry and Functional Medicine

35:17 Side Effects and Nuances of Supplements

39:36 Cycling Supplements

41:26 Sodium Butyrate

43:33 Fiber and Gut Health

46:00 Acacia Fiber

47:02 Importance of Gut Health

48:04 Taurine Benefits

50:22 L-Carnitine Benefits

53:00 Sleep and Supplement Use

54:24 Cyclical Training Approach

01:07:00 Benefits of Calisthenics

01:11:30 Flow-Based Training

01:14:48 Trusting Intuition in Fitness

01:15:14 Establishing Habits and Routines

01:17:37 Incorporating Different Training Tools

01:20:41 Balancing Different Training Approaches

01:22:22 Exploring Personal Lineage and Genetics

01:23:53 Understanding the Connection Between Genetics and Culture

01:24:02 The Benefits of Martial Arts Training

01:26:02 The Importance of Control and Humility in Martial Arts

01:27:12 The Impact of Fighting Experience on Confidence

01:29:45 Personal Experiences with Psychedelics

01:33:24 The Potential Pitfalls of Psychedelic Use

01:41:34 The Dangers of Spiritual Narcissism



  • Consider cycling supplements to avoid overuse and potential negative effects.

  • Sodium butyrate can have positive effects on gut health and cognitive function.

  • Fiber is important for gut health, and acacia fiber is a gentle and effective option.

  • Maintaining gut health is crucial for overall well-being.

  • Taurine offers a range of benefits, including cognitive enhancement and improved digestion.

  • L-carnitine can be an effective tool for fat loss and energy production.

  • Consider the impact of sleep and supplement use on overall health.

  • A cyclical training approach can provide a well-rounded fitness experience.

  • Calisthenics can offer unique benefits and a more natural-looking physique.

  • Flow-based training allows for flexibility and enjoyment in fitness.

  • Trusting intuition and listening to the body's signals is important in fitness. Establishing habits and routines is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving personal goals.

  • Incorporating different training tools, such as maces and kettlebells, can provide unique benefits and enhance overall fitness.

  • Balancing different training approaches, such as calisthenics and traditional hypertrophy training, can lead to a well-rounded physique and functional mobility.

  • Understanding personal lineage and genetics can provide valuable insights into individual health and well-being.

  • Martial arts training offers not only physical benefits but also mental and emotional growth, including control, humility, and a better understanding of human nature.

  • Psychedelics can be powerful tools for personal growth and self-exploration, but caution should be exercised, and integration is crucial to avoid potential pitfalls.

  • Spiritual narcissism can be detrimental to personal growth and relationships, and it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and pitfalls of this mindset.




The conversation covers various topics related to nootropics, nicotine, proteolytic enzymes, and personal health journeys. The hosts discuss the benefits of different substances and their effects on cognitive function. They also explore the nuances of supplement usage and the pharmaceutical industry. The conversation emphasizes the importance of individual experimentation and considering multiple perspectives in the pursuit of optimal health. The conversation covers topics such as cycling supplements, the benefits of sodium butyrate, the importance of fiber and gut health, the benefits of acacia fiber, the connection between gut health and overall well-being, the benefits of taurine, the benefits of L-carnitine, the relationship between sleep and supplement use, the advantages of a cyclical training approach, the benefits of calisthenics, the concept of flow-based training, and the importance of trusting intuition in fitness. In this conversation, Matthew Coffman and Noah Ryan discuss various topics related to health, fitness, and personal development. They explore the importance of establishing habits and routines, incorporating different training tools, and balancing different training approaches. They also delve into the significance of understanding personal lineage and genetics, the benefits of martial arts training, and the impact of fighting experience on confidence. Additionally, they touch on the potential benefits and pitfalls of psychedelic use, as well as the dangers of spiritual narcissism.





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