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Matthew Johnson | The Future of Molecular Hydrogen Technology with Axiom H2

Hydrogen Specialist and CEO at Axiom H2

Axiom H2 was designed by a health and fitness enthusiast with a background and education in holistic nutriton, strength/ Conditioning, herbs/ supplements, oxygen/ ozone therapy, and molecular hydrogen. As a user and advocate of hydrogen therapy, it was frustrating that there was no real quality products and very little transparency in testing on the products that did exist.


Axiom H2 was created with 3 main objectives- to introduce Hydrogen Therapy to the world, offer easily integrated methods of using Hydrogen, and to only offer products that have been tested and proven to be safe and above therapeutic H2 levels. 


Axiom H2 created the HW600, the first truly tested, board certified doctor endorsed, medical-grade hydrogen generator that exceeds H2 levels deemed necessary for therapeutic treatments as set forth by the IHSA - International Hydrogen Standards Association and that is aesthetically beautiful. It was developed specifically to improve and perfect flaws in previous hydrogen generator designs. 


Axiom H2 LLC is confident that our products will not only provide incredible results but give an amazing experience.


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Instagram: @hydrogenwarrior


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