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Lewis Moon | Confronting Copper Toxicity and Decoding the Mystery of BioUnavailable Copper

Lewis Moon is a Mineral Balancing Practitioner & Hair Mineral Analysis App Developer.

I have a diploma in Nutritional Balancing Science and a bachelor's degree with honors in Landscape Architecture. 

In 2004 I started feeling detached from reality, with 24/7 brain fog, DP/DR, terrible social anxiety, racing mind, skin problems and over 30 other symptoms. 

In 2011 I came across an article by Dr Lawrence Wilson on brain fog and this is where my Mineral Balancing journey started. Little did I realize how sick and burned out I was. 

Through HTMA I discovered and healed extreme adrenal burnout, chronic fight or flight, severe copper toxicity, toxic metal issues, severe liver damage from accutane and many more debilitating problems.

In 2015 I became a practitioner under Dr L Wilson until 2020 where I realized the complexity of Mineral Balancing and HTMA and how building a piece of software to analyze the tests would be very helpful for practitioners and individuals in the space.

This is where Hair Analysis App - was born. Used by hundreds of practitioners the app is able to generate highly detailed HTMA reports, supplement regimes and healing reports in order to aid a practitioners analysis of clients. 

I currently spend most of my days improving the software and I work with a small group of clients to improve their health through Hair Analysis and Mineral Balancing.

You can find me on YouTube under the channel Life Labs HTMA. 


Hair Analysis App:


Copper Youtube Videos:


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