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Justin Groth | Molding Mental Toughness with a Dose of Tough Love

Drug Free Natural Bodybuilder, Master Trainer, Personal Fitness/Mindset Coach & Podcast Host. 


I’ve been a natural bodybuilder (no steroids) since I first started training in 2005 which ultimately led me to compete in numerous bodybuilding shows. 


I own a private personal training gym here on the Central Coast of California. 


One of my biggest obsessions is helping people achieve their BEST through fitness, as well as equipping them with the mental software needed to overcome mental and physical limitations in their lives.


Work With Me:

Mineral Balancing HTMA Consultation: 

My Instagram: @integrativematt



00:00 Introduction and Background

03:21 Struggles with Body Image and Identity

08:53 The Importance of Protein and Supplementation

16:11 Never Missing a Workout

24:10 Discipline and Mindset in Fitness and Life

35:32 The Starbucks Story and Persistence

42:44 Being Authentic and Putting in the Work

43:12 Taking Action and Manifestation

44:10 Escaping Demons and Practicing Self-Restraint

45:04 Looking Towards the Future

46:08 Letting Go of Negative Relationships

47:06 The Impact of Energy Drain

48:06 Leaving Toxic Relationships Behind

49:16 Acting As If and Projecting Forward

50:14 Restraint and Responsibility

51:38 Cheating and Betrayal

55:49 Working with Justin Groth

58:54 Tough Love and Motivation for Men

01:02:18 The Importance of Strong Men in Society



  • Struggles with body image and identity can lead to a desire for change and self-improvement.

  • Protein and supplementation play a crucial role in muscle growth and recovery.

  • Consistency and discipline in workouts can lead to physical and mental transformation.

  • Mindset and discipline in fitness can extend to other areas of life, leading to personal growth and success.

  • Persistence and unwavering belief in oneself are key to achieving goals and overcoming obstacles.

  • Being authentic and putting in the work are essential for success in any endeavor. Take action and don't rely solely on manifestation.

  • Confront your demons and practice self-restraint to grow and succeed.

  • Let go of negative relationships that drain your energy.

  • Project forward and act as if to align your actions with your future goals.

  • Embrace discipline and self-restraint for personal growth.

  • Men can benefit from tough love and motivation.



In this conversation, Matthew Coffman and Justin Groth discuss various topics related to fitness, mindset, and discipline. Justin shares his journey from struggling with body image to becoming a natural bodybuilder and personal trainer. They discuss the importance of protein and supplementation, as well as the impact of mindset and discipline on achieving goals. Justin emphasizes the need for self-imposed resistance and perseverance, using the example of Howard Schultz's persistence in starting Starbucks. They also highlight the importance of authenticity and hard work in achieving success. In this conversation, Justin Groth discusses the importance of taking action and not relying solely on manifestation. He emphasizes the need to confront one's demons and practice self-restraint in order to grow and succeed. Justin also highlights the impact of negative relationships and the importance of letting go of energy-draining individuals. He shares his perspective on projecting forward and acting as if, especially in relation to future roles as a father and husband. Justin emphasizes the importance of discipline and self-restraint in personal growth and the need for men to embrace tough love and motivation.






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