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Jonathan Butts | The Unknown Properties of Living Revitalized Water

Jonathan grew up in the mid-west in the 70’s and 80’s and enjoyed most of his free time around water and nature. There were many questions which arose in his mind which could not be answered by conventional teachings and saw no separation between the laws of nature and the laws of physics.

He went on to graduate from Naval Nuclear Power program in the mid 90’s and began a career in industrial machine design and integration which he continues today. He has specialized in machine and company start ups involving customized equipment and process analysis and control. In the last 20 years he has designed, built, and tuned hundreds of large-scale machines serving the automotive & performance, agriculture, steel, aeronautics & aerospace industries.

In 2007 he began evaluating water for use as a supplementary efficiency improver in thermal processes in which he began designing and building water machines. During development over the next 5 years, he observed remarkable properties and behaviors within water while

analyzing it. The realization from his observations led him to shift his focus into biological functions, with water always being the primary regulator of electricity, which he recognizes as the fundamental ingredient to all matter and life.

He helped start Natural Action Tech in 2010 and became the CEO and owner in 2018 and Founded the American Water Trust in 2020. Both Organizations work on improving water in the micro and macro perspectives, in hopes to bring respect to the water planet we live on, and

the water bodies we live in.

Natural Action website:


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