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Jeff Lioon | Intracellular Measurements of Minerals and Toxic Metals Utilizing the Oligoscan

Jeff Lioon is the Creative Director of Oligoscan. Being the son of the Founder of Douglas Labs, he’s been immersed in both the nutritional supplement and health industry practically his entire life. He’s spent the past 7 years studying and interpreting Oligoscan Test Reports and understanding the complex relationships between Heavy Metals and Minerals. Jeff is also an avid hunter and teaches individuals how to hunt and process animals in the Hill Country of Texas. 

Instagram: @jefflioon


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00:00 Introduction and Background

02:30 The Impact of Family Background

06:01 The Effects of Corporate Takeovers in the Supplement Industry

10:13 The Importance of Quality in Supplements

13:39 Personal Journey and Awakening

15:50 Transition to Health Industry

24:38 Exploring the OligoScan

31:28 Understanding the OligoScan Technology

38:17 Mercury Toxicity and Detoxification

45:03 The Importance of Knowing Your Blood Type

46:18 Instant Results and Convenience of the Scan

47:29 Jeff's Personal Experience and Journey

50:30 The Need for a Holistic Approach to Health

53:40 Reducing Toxic Load: Water and Air

58:59 Different Approaches to Diet and Nutrition

01:02:26 Common Patterns and Findings in Test Results

01:11:32 The Impact of Aluminum and Iron on Health

01:17:04 The Importance of Balance and Detoxification

01:17:56 Understanding Sulfur and Zinc Levels

01:19:03 The Impact of Diet on Mineral Levels

01:21:00 The Importance of Sulfur in the Diet

01:23:16 The Connection Between Plastics and Weight Gain

01:25:41 The Role of Copper Toxicity in Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

01:26:18 The Relationship Between Copper and Zinc

01:29:09 The Importance of Zinc in the Diet

01:30:32 Recommended Foods and Supplements for Mineral Balance

01:35:35 The Benefits of Zeolite as a Binder

01:36:43 The Potential of Homeopathy in Mineral Balancing

01:41:38 The Use of Turpentine and Sugar for Parasite Cleansing

01:43:12 Finding an OligoScan Practitioner

01:45:25 The Importance of Sodium-Potassium Ratio

01:50:28 The Complexity of Mineral Balance and Retracing

01:54:55 The Role of Interpretation in Mineral Testing

01:55:14 The Personal Impact of Hunting

01:57:08 Hunting and Processing Game

01:59:31 Trips and Contact Information

02:00:22 Interest in Hunting

02:01:46 Shipping and Resources

02:02:23 Finding Jeff Lioon



The conversation covers topics such as the impact of family background on health, the effects of corporate takeovers in the supplement industry, the importance of quality in supplements, personal journey and awakening, transition to the health industry, and understanding the OligoScan technology. In this part of the conversation, Matthew and Jeff discuss the impact of mercury toxicity and the challenges of detoxification. They also explore the importance of knowing one's blood type and the convenience of instant results from the scan. Jeff shares his personal health journey and the need for a holistic approach to health. They discuss the significance of reducing toxic load through water and air filtration. The conversation also touches on different dietary approaches and common patterns found in test results. The chapter concludes with a discussion on the impact of aluminum and iron on health and the importance of balance in detoxification. This part of the conversation explores the importance of sulfur and zinc levels in the body, the impact of diet on mineral levels, and the connection between plastics and weight gain. It also discusses the role of copper toxicity in vegetarian and vegan diets, the relationship between copper and zinc, and recommended foods and supplements for mineral balance. The benefits of zeolite as a binder and the potential of homeopathy in mineral balancing are explored. The conversation also touches on the use of turpentine and sugar for parasite cleansing, finding an OligoScan practitioner, and the complexity of mineral balance and retracing. Lastly, the personal impact of hunting is discussed. In this conversation, Jeff Lioon discusses his passion for hunting and processing game. He shares his methods for skinning, tanning hides, and making skull mounts. Jeff emphasizes the fulfillment and gratitude that comes from hunting and processing one's own meat. He also mentions his hunting trips in Austin, Texas, and provides contact information for those interested in joining him. The conversation concludes with a discussion on shipping game meat and resources for learning about hunting.



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