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Ian Mitchell | Exploring Consciousness, C60, and Quantum Technology With the Wizard Scientist!

Ian holds multiple patents across a host of different scientific disciplines such as nano-medicine, materials science, and biochemistry. He holds joint patents with the University of Tulsa on a series of innovative topics including viral inhibitors, cancer screening technology, and personalized cell culture media for both laboratory and clinical settings as well as an antiviral therapeutic for recalcitrant viruses. lan recently developed the first viable gamma ray shielding system for use on spacecraft and space habitats as well as a carbon negative concrete to inhibit greenhouse gas proliferation, and multiple products in the CPG space. Ian is the founder of Wizard Sciences, scientific advisor to Satori Neuro, the Polymath in Residence at Austin based investment firm Ecliptic Capital, scientific advisor for Leela Quantum, and CSO at Higher DOSE.

Wizard Sciences C60:

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Unknown member
Oct 29, 2023

I am interested in your C60 as I am trying to prevent cancer from returning and loving a long healthy life!

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