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Hilda Labrada Gore | Wise Traditions: Ancient Indigenous Cultures Eat Animal Products

Holistic Hilda, Hilda is the host and producer of the popular Wise Traditions podcast (over 12 million downloads to date), on behalf of the Weston A. Price Foundation. 

Hilda has traveled the world—from Kenya to Peru to Australia to Ecuador to Mongolia, Ethiopia, and beyond—exploring indigenous practices for optimal well-being.

The practices include Six Ancestral Secrets that Hilda is highlighting in an upcoming course. The secrets are:

  • accessible

  • healing

  • practical

  • and free

And all of them Hilda has observed in practice among First Nation people groups worldwide. Hilda is also writing a book, synthesizing the best from the past 10 years of field work and research.

She continually features experts, experiences, and epic adventures on the weekly Wise Traditions podcast, her Holistic Hilda YouTube channel, and in person as a speaker and leader at conferences, events, and retreats.

Hilda is also the director and producer of “Holistic Hilda Productions”: creating mini documentaries that highlight ancestral wisdom.

Hilda is certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a health coach and has energy to spare thanks to her love for sunshine and liverwurst.

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My Instagram: @integrativematt



00:00 Introduction and Childhood Health Challenges

03:04 Prioritizing Health and Listening to Our Bodies

05:37 The Limitations of Conventional Medicine

08:03 The Wisdom of Weston A. Price

13:30 Creating Space for Health and Well-being

23:26 Nourishing Pregnancy with Weston A. Price

29:04 Combining Ancestral Wisdom with Modern Practices

34:32 The Importance of Nutrient-Dense Diets and Supplements

40:41 The Significance of Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Animal Products

47:27 Grass-Fed vs. Regenerative Farming: Understanding the Difference

54:01 Supporting Local, Sustainable Food Sources for Health and Sustainability

57:27 The Benefits of Raw Milk and Nourishing Foods

01:04:22 The Power of Community and Connection

01:09:19 Spirituality and Cultivating the Sacred

01:14:11 Experiencing the Elements for Health and Resilience

01:20:40 Prioritizing Holistic Health and Simple Lifestyle Changes



  • Prioritizing our health and listening to our bodies is essential for overall well-being.

  • Conventional medicine often focuses on managing symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of health issues.

  • The work of Weston A. Price highlights the importance of traditional, nutrient-dense foods in promoting optimal health and development.

  • Ancestral diets and nutrient-dense foods can positively impact facial structure and overall health.

  • Pregnant women can benefit from following a Weston A. Price-inspired diet to support the health and development of their babies. Combining ancestral wisdom with modern practices can optimize health in today's unnatural environment.

  • A nutrient-dense diet is essential for overall well-being, but supplements can help fill in nutritional gaps.

  • Finding high-quality food is challenging in today's depleted environment, but regenerative farming practices offer a solution.

  • Fat-soluble vitamins, found in animal products, play a crucial role in cognitive function, strength building, and overall health.

  • Grass-fed and regenerative farming practices prioritize animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

  • Finding local, sustainable sources of food is key to supporting regenerative farming and accessing nutrient-dense options. Raw milk is a nourishing and safe food that has been consumed by traditional cultures for centuries.

  • Community and connection with others are essential for overall health and well-being.

  • Taking time to just be and disconnect from screens can improve sleep and mental well-being.

  • Experiencing the elements, such as cold exposure and sunlight, can strengthen the body and mind.

  • Prioritizing holistic health and making simple lifestyle changes can have a profound impact on overall vitality and energy.



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