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Eric Clopper | American Circumcision: Unlocking the Truth Behind Infant Male Genital Mutilation

Eric Clopper is the owner of The Clopper Law Firm, P.C. and the founder of the nonprofit Intact Global, Inc. Through his law firm and nonprofit, Clopper leads the legal movement to protect all children from genital mutilation (sometimes referred to as "circumcision").


Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story


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00:00 Introduction and Announcement

03:03 Questioning the Practice of Circumcision

11:20 The Dark Origins and Cultural Infiltration of Circumcision

23:44 Financial Interests and Selling Foreskin Tissue

29:22 The Benefits of Keeping the Foreskin Intact

38:29 Delaying Circumcision and Informed Consent

41:25 The Influence of Medical Organizations on Circumcision

47:41 Legal Action Against Medical Organizations

55:07 Societal Healing and Awareness

01:02:41 Declining Rates of Circumcision

01:09:23 The Importance of Bipartisan Support



  • Circumcision has historical origins in religious practices and has evolved into a widespread cultural norm.

  • The modern circumcision procedure involves restraining the baby, tearing the foreskin, and amputating it using a clamp.

  • Keeping the foreskin intact has numerous benefits, including enhanced sexual pleasure, protection of the penis, and reduced risk of STD transmission.

  • Circumcision is a multi-billion dollar industry, with profits generated from performing the procedure, correcting complications, and selling foreskin tissue.

  • Delaying circumcision and allowing individuals to make their own decision when they are older is a preferable option that respects bodily autonomy and informed consent. Medical organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, have promoted circumcision for financial and cultural reasons, despite evidence of its harm and lack of medical necessity.

  • Legal action can be taken against medical organizations for issuing fraudulent medical advice and performing medically unnecessary surgeries on children.

  • Societal healing and awareness are necessary to address the trauma caused by circumcision and to protect children's rights.

  • The rates of circumcision in the US have been declining, but there are regional and cultural variations.

  • Bipartisan support is crucial in advocating for the protection of children's rights and ending the practice of circumcision.



The conversation explores the topic of circumcision, discussing its historical origins, the modern procedure, and the benefits of keeping the foreskin intact. The guest, Eric Clopper, shares his personal journey of questioning circumcision and highlights the trauma and negative effects it can have on individuals. The conversation also delves into the financial aspects of circumcision, including the billions of dollars generated by performing the procedure and selling foreskin tissue. The importance of informed consent and the option to delay circumcision until the individual can make their own decision is emphasized. The conversation explores the reasons behind the continued practice of circumcision in the United States, despite evidence of its harm and lack of medical necessity. It discusses the role of medical organizations in promoting circumcision, the potential for legal action against these organizations, and the need for societal healing and awareness. The conversation also touches on the declining rates of circumcision in the US and the importance of bipartisan support for protecting children's rights.



circumcision, genital mutilation, foreskin, trauma, sexual pleasure, financial interests, informed consent, circumcision, medical organizations, legal action, healing, awareness, declining rates, bipartisan support



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