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Eileen Durfee | The Importance of Regular Coffee Enemas, Benefits of Infrared Sauna & More

Inventor and CEO Eileen Durfee is a former nuclear power plant quality engineer, inspector, auditor, and real estate builder/developer, who became sick due to chemical exposure, endured injuries, and had poor posture from growing nine (9) inches in three (3) months, then being run over by a car. Her passion is spinal fitness, how to use Dr. John S. Scherger’s methods to evaluate athletic ability to spot physically superior athletes less prone to injuries, and how to make weaker players structurally stronger. She explains why the New England Patriots implemented Spinal Fitness into their training program and how these methods spread to the NY Giants, NY Jets, and Dallas Cowboys. Finally, the secrets for gaining the mechanical advantage that reduces injuries, shortens recovery, increases flexibility and speed, and improves overall athleticism are revealed by Eileen.

On a quest to heal her body, she discovered what solutions worked and wanted to use her knowledge and experience to help others. Her journey to overcome her health issues led her to become an inventor and businesswoman, with seven (7) utility patents, three (3) design patents, and more in process.

She founded her own health company, Creatrix Solutions LLC, to create and distribute natural healing products worldwide. She offers various health solutions through online web stores, including spinal fitness equipment, near-infrared saunas, air purifiers, ozone generators, and healing food salts. Eileen understands back pain and toxic home and work environments and knows firsthand what it is like to suffer. Her experience motivates her to create the best health solutions to protect family, friends, and consumers from our toxic world.

Creatrix Solutions :


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