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Dr Peter Martone | Discover the Secret to Relieving Back Pain

Dr. Martone is changing the conversation on SLEEP.  It’s obvious that sleep is vital to health, but HOW YOU SLEEP is just as critical. This is where Dr. Martone delivers. His personal story combined with his 23 years of expertise has taken sleep and health optimization to a whole new level.  His uniquely different structural approach is catching fire in the health space and his product, “The Neck Nest” is bringing life changing results that sell itself. Dr.Martone is known for his authentically positive, high-energy personality that naturally creates record  level engagement.


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00:00 Introduction and Background

05:57 The Connection Between Loss of Cervical Curve and Back Pain

10:26 Exploring Optimal Sleeping Positions and Pillow Use

13:01 Identifying the Need for the Neck Nest Pillow

27:38 The Importance of Balancing Structural and Biochemical Factors

30:59 Understanding the Neck Nest Pillow and its Benefits

37:07 The Importance of Spinal Alignment

39:27 Posture, Physical Structure, and Neurology

44:04 Improving Sleep Quality with the Neck Nest Pillow

54:52 The Role of the Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System

01:03:26 The Future of Dr. Sleep Right



  • Maintaining the natural curvature of the neck is crucial for spinal alignment and overall health.

  • Poor sleeping positions and improper pillow use can contribute to the loss of cervical curve and lead to back pain.

  • The Neck Nest pillow is designed to support the neck and improve spinal alignment during sleep.

  • Creating a safe and aligned sleep environment is essential for optimizing overall health and well-being. Proper spinal alignment is crucial for quality sleep and overall health.

  • The structure of the spine affects the central and autonomic nervous systems.

  • Posture, physical structure, and neurology play a significant role in achieving optimal health.

  • The neck nest pillow can improve sleep quality and help address sleep apnea.

  • Dr. Sleep Right is focused on developing innovative products to enhance sleep and overall well-being.



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