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Dr Christy Sutton | The Iron Curse! Is Undiagnosed High Iron the Root Cause of Your Disease?

I have struggled with many health problems that are ultimately rooted in having Crohn’s, surgery from Crohn’s, and being undiagnosed with having serious food-related health problems until I diagnosed myself at the age of 19, which was over 21 years ago. I am teaching classes on Labrogenomics, which incorporates genetic testing, laboratory testing, clinical pearls, and precision-based nutritional and environmental interventions. I have a new book coming out this year, which is about hemochromatosis, high iron, and low iron. The book has been inspired by my experience with diagnosing my husband, and many other patients, with hemochromatosis and iron-related health problems. My husband's hemochromatosis likely led to his developing a pituitary tumor that caused Cushing’s (high cortisol). The new book is called The Iron Curse and will be a powerful tool for ending the epidemic of undiagnosed and untreated hemochromatosis, and giving people the information they need to prevent and correct iron-induced damage.


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