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Crystal Clear: The Science Behind Deuterium Depleted Water and its Impact on Mitochondria Function

Victor Sagalovsky is the cofounder and CEO of Litewater Scientific, the first and only super deuterium-depleted light water, where he has dedicated himself to the research, development, and production of this rare water.

Victor has researched and studied the benefits of deuterium-depleted water through his theory entitled Endogenous Radiation Damage Theory of Aging. It proposes that our biggest obstacle to longevity is the excess deuterium and other damaging isotopes on the planet and proper mitigation will radically extend our lifespans.


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00:00 Introduction and Background

03:03 The Benefits of Yoga and a Healthy Lifestyle

08:01 Discovering Deuterium and Its Significance

13:11 The Challenges of Producing Deuterium-Depleted Water

21:29 The Origin and Impact of Deuterium on Earth

28:31 The Technical Process of Depleting Deuterium from Water

35:17 Target Audience and Potential Benefits

39:37 Natural Ways to Lower Deuterium Levels

44:27 Deuterium Levels in Different Foods

47:59 Testing Deuterium Levels at Home

50:09 Exploring the Potential of Deuterium Depleted Water

51:09 The Role of Deuterium in Oncogenes and Cancer

52:08 Deuterium Depleted Water as a Metabolic Intervention

53:33 The Importance of Education and Choice in Health

54:23 The Benefits of Hydrogen in Deuterium Depletion

56:17 The Significance of Water Purity in Hydrogen Machines

58:40 The Taste and Familiarity of Deuterium Depleted Water

01:02:52 Practical Applications of Deuterium Depleted Water

01:07:55 Strategies for Deuterium Depletion and Maintenance



  • Deuterium is a heavy isotope of hydrogen that can impact health and longevity.

  • Producing deuterium-depleted water is a complex and technically challenging process.

  • Deuterium levels on Earth have increased over time, potentially affecting human physiology.

  • Deuterium-depleted water may have benefits for those seeking to improve their health and performance.

  • Natural methods such as fasting, a ketogenic diet, and sweating can help lower deuterium levels.

  • Testing deuterium levels at home can provide insights into the effectiveness of deuterium-depleted water. Deuterium depleted water shows potential as a metabolic intervention and may have benefits in fighting diseases like cancer.

  • Education and choice play a crucial role in making informed decisions about health and wellness.

  • Hydrogen is believed to have antioxidant properties and can be beneficial in deuterium depletion.

  • Water purity is important in hydrogen machines to ensure optimal performance and hydrogen production.

  • Deuterium depleted water has a distinct taste and familiarity that is appealing to many individuals.

  • Practical applications of deuterium depleted water include diluting it with regular water to achieve desired deuterium levels.



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