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Cole Coffman | Mindful Motherhood: Our Conscious Conception Journey

Cole Coffman is a mindset coach, retreat host, personal trainer & yoga teacher based out of Tampa, FL.


After moving from Michigan to Florida in 2017 and having a spiritual awakening, Cole has dedicated herself to creating a life that feels good - mind, body and soul.


She's spent the last 6 years shedding her old self, creating her fitness and coaching business, and exploring root cause health issues that have kept her from living her most optimized life. After experiencing mold toxicity and symptoms of Breast Implant Illness, Cole now shares her knowledge of health, wellness and spirituality with others. She coaches clients 1:1 in lifestyle, nutrition and mindset. She also hosts weekend retreats that hold the space for people to experience massive transformations.


You can catch Cole on Instagram at @gypsysoulcole or on her website


Work With Me:

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My Instagram: @integrativematt


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