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Cole Coffman | How Mineral Balancing Makes Couples Connected Deeper, Releasing Timelines, and More

Cole Coffman is a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Retreat Host based out of Tampa, FL. After leaving behind life in Michigan in pursuit of bettering herself, she ended up in Tampa where she took yoga teacher training; which changed the entire course of her life.

She's since received several certifications in fitness and life coaching, and combines her knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit to help women achieve their happiest & most fulfilling lives ever. Cole has recently revived Ecstatic Dance in Tampa, providing a safe space for radical self-expression through movement.

She hosts fun, transformative in-person events, ceremonies and retreats across Florida. She's passionate about the integration among the mind, the body, and the true authentic self.

It's her life's work to support her clients along this journey.


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