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Brian Johnson | Constructing Holistic Living Spaces with a Building Biologist

Brian Johnson, the visionary CEO of Senergy360, is at the forefront of redefining healthy living by constructing homes that embody holistic principles for today's evolving world incorporating modern cutting edge technologies using proven practices for multigenerational homes. With over two decades of experience as a licensed general contractor and a solid background in the lumber industry, Brian's expertise is unparalleled. His commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by his triple certifications from the Building Biology Institute, a testament to his dedication to health, performance, wellness, and longevity. Under Brian's leadership, SENERGY360 is on a mission to democratize access to advanced technologies and systems for creating holistic living spaces. The firm offers top-tier services, including healthy home building and land development, environmental assessments, healthy home specifications and project management for all types of construction , serving clients across the United States and internationally.


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00:00 Introduction and Background

02:54 From Building to Health

06:01 The Importance of Building Materials

08:06 Protecting Against Toxic Exposure

11:35 The Lifelong Process of Detoxification

23:46 Building Harmonious and Healthy Homes

25:44 Being in Tune with Nature in Location Selection

28:14 Preventing Mold Growth in New Builds

35:41 Auto Shut-off Valves for Water Leaks

47:18 The Presence of VOCs in New Builds

52:04 Choosing Low or Non-VOC Materials

52:56 Creating a Healthy Home: Non-VOC Materials and Natural Building

55:09 The Importance of Ventilation and Airflow in Building Design

56:24 The Role of Negative and Positive Ions in a Healthy Living Environment

59:47 Air Filtration Systems: Energy Recovery Ventilators and HEPA Filters

01:08:06 The Cost of Building a Healthy Home and the Potential for Affordability




  • Building homes that are resistant to mold and other toxins is crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment.

  • Toxic exposure, such as mold and chemicals, can have a significant impact on health and should be addressed.

  • Considering the geographic landscape and harmonizing the energy of the environment is important when building homes.

  • Working with building biologists and architects can help create harmonious and healthy living spaces. Being in tune with nature is important when selecting a location for a home.

  • Proper inspection and drying of lumber is crucial to prevent mold growth.

  • New builds often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful.

  • Choosing low or non-VOC materials is important for a healthier indoor environment. Building a healthy home involves using non-VOC materials, proper ventilation, and natural building materials.

  • Negative ions, which are found in nature, help create a grounding and balanced atmosphere.

  • Air filtration systems, such as energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and HEPA filters, are essential for maintaining clean indoor air.

  • The cost of building a healthy home can range from 10% to 30% more than a standard home, but as more people adopt these practices, the cost may decrease.

  • Collaboration with architects, builders, and manufacturers is crucial in promoting and implementing healthy home practices.




Brian discusses his background in building healthy homes and how he got into the field. He shares his experience with mold exposure and the importance of creating homes that are resistant to mold and other toxins. He also talks about the impact of toxic exposure on health and the need for detoxification. Brian emphasizes the importance of considering the geographic landscape and harmonizing the energy of the environment when building homes. He highlights the role of building biologists and architects in creating harmonious and healthy living spaces. In this part of the conversation, Brian and Matthew discuss the importance of being in tune with nature when selecting a location for a home. They also talk about the prevalence of mold in new builds and the use of moldy lumber. Brian emphasizes the need for proper inspection and drying of lumber to prevent mold growth. They also discuss the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in new builds and the importance of choosing low or non-VOC materials. In this conversation, Brian from SENERGY360 discusses the importance of building a healthy home and the various factors that contribute to a healthy living environment. He emphasizes the use of non-VOC materials, proper ventilation, and natural building materials. Brian also touches on the significance of negative and positive ions in creating a balanced and grounding atmosphere. He explains the role of air filtration systems, the cost of building a healthy home, and the potential for future affordability as more people adopt these practices.



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