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Barton Scott | Mineral Deficiencies Impact on Hormones, Energy, Emotional Health, and More

Today’s guest, Barton Scott, is a biochemist and founder.

Barton is also a nutritionist, and a researcher, and for the last 7 years Barton has been the Founder and developer behind Upgraded Formulas.

Barton is passionate about helping people address the stress of daily life, sleep struggles, hormone issues, fatigue, and the nutrient absorption issues that we all face. Upgraded Formulas is a quantified nanotechnology company that also supports in the great work they do.

In 2016 Barton Scott created a differentiated industrial process using his background as a Chemical Engineer, entrepreneur, and a nutritionist and category of minerals that absorb very easily without digestion.

Today Upgraded Formulas has the most effective line of everything you need for your mineral needs, such as hair analysis testing and specialized mineral formulations for identifying and restoring nutrient deficiency that has run rampant since our soil around the world has been treated so poorly, resulting in very low levels of minerals in our food across the board today.

Website: Use Code ITP for 10 % off


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