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Andrew Melrose | Mold Mitigation Strategies Part 1

Andrew Melrose has a passion for health, spirit, soul and body. However 5 years ago he discovered the importance of our environment on our overall health. He is an indoor environmental health consultant who helps coach people who specifically go through mold issues in their home and the potentially toxic effects. After doing hundreds of in person inspections and testing as well as overseeing remediation projects, he now uses his hands-on experience and trained eye to help people virtually across the country. His main passion is being solution-focused while helping people maintain peace of mind in an industry that is often described as stressful, confusing or a "money pit."

You can find him on Instagram @moldauthoritylive where he has hours of free content to learn about technical and practical info about mold, indoor air quality and home health. On his page you can also find discounts for healthy home products, his 1-on-1 consultation options (Link Here), and other great resources with many more on the way, so stay tuned.”

Here is the link to some of those products and resources:


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