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Aaron Hiatt | The Orotate Edition: Introducing Valence Nutraceuticals New Mineral Balancing Supplement Line

My name is Aaron Hiatt. I have been in the HTMA field for about 10 years now and have analyzed over hundreds of hair tests. I originally got into hair analysis testing while in college after battling some health issues. I have experienced a lot of health improvements following the teachings of Dr. Paul Eck and Dr. Wilson Lawrence. I continue to expand my own understanding and knowledge across many areas of research concerning the human body. 




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This conversation explores the importance of mineral balancing and the benefits of mineral orotates, with a focus on the work of Dr. Hans Nieper and Dr. Paul Eck. The chapters cover topics such as the science behind mineral orotates, the difference between orotates and amino acid chelates, the improvements in mineral supplements, and the legacy of Dr. Paul Eck. The conversation also discusses the dosage and absorption of magnesium orotate, the continued research and development in supplement formulations, and the importance of collaboration and improvement in the field. This conversation covers various topics related to the utilization and benefits of different vitamins and minerals. The chapters include discussions on the impact of alkaline phosphatase on B6 utilization, the comparison of active B complex supplements, the importance of manganese for thiamine utilization, the benefits of a community-based healthcare system, the effectiveness of bioavailable forms of vitamins, the advantages of tocotrienols over tocopherols, research on tocotrienols in Russia and Germany, the superior antioxidant potential of tocotrienols, the research on potassium orotate, the anxiolytic effect of potassium orotate, the difference between folate and folic acid, the ratio of adenosylcobalamin to methylcobalamin in meat, the benefits of adenosylcobalamin over methylcobalamin, the superior absorption of selenoxale, the benefits of methyl selenocysteine, the role of selenoxale in circadian rhythm, gender differences in selenium supplementation, the benefits of chromium picolinate, the comparison of chromium polynicotinate and chromium picolinate, the impact of chromium on PCOS, and the benefits of PQQ for mitochondrial health.



00:00 Introduction and Background

03:09 The Importance of Mineral Balancing

14:53 Mineral Orotates and Dr. Hans Nieper

21:11 The Science Behind Mineral Orotates

32:54 The Difference Between Mineral Orotates and Amino Acid Chelates

38:05 Improvements in Mineral Supplements

41:47 The Benefits of Magnesium Orotate

44:17 Dosage and Absorption of Magnesium Orotate

51:28 Continued Research and Development

54:08 The Legacy of Dr. Paul Eck

59:17 Updates in Supplement Formulations

01:05:15 Collaboration and Improvement

01:08:16 The Importance of P5P in B6 Supplementation

01:13:06 Impact of Alkaline Phosphatase on B6 Utilization

01:14:27 Comparison of Active B Complex Supplements

01:15:36 Importance of Manganese for Thiamine Utilization

01:16:11 Benefits of Community-Based Healthcare System

01:17:12 Effectiveness of Bioavailable Forms of Vitamins

01:18:47 Advantages of Tocotrienols over Tocopherols

01:19:12 Research on Tocotrienols in Russia and Germany

01:20:41 Superior Antioxidant Potential of Tocotrienols

01:21:29 Research on Tocopherol vs Tocotrienol

01:21:56 Personal Experience with Tocotrienols

01:22:49 Research on Potassium Orotate

01:23:39 Research on Potassium Orotate in Russia and Germany

01:24:38 Anxiolytic Effect of Potassium Orotate

01:25:04 Effect of Adrenal Dysfunction on Potassium Levels

01:25:43 Comparison of Potassium Orotate and Potassium Aspartate

01:26:59 Reason for Using Potassium Orotate in Slow Oxidizers

01:27:38 Benefits of Methyl Tetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF)

01:28:37 Dangers of Synthetic Folic Acid

01:29:17 Difference Between Folate and Folic Acid

01:30:31 Ratio of Adenosylcobalamin to Methylcobalamin in Meat

01:31:53 Advantages of Adenosylcobalamin over Methylcobalamin

01:33:43 Superior Absorption of Selenoxale

01:34:13 Benefits of Methyl Selenocysteine

01:35:09 Role of Selenoxale in Circadian Rhythm

01:36:20 Gender Differences in Selenium Supplementation

01:37:41 Benefits of Chromium Picolinate

01:38:37 Comparison of Chromium Polynicotinate and Chromium Picolinate

01:40:21 Impact of Chromium on PCOS

01:41:43 Benefits of PQQ for Mitochondrial Health



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