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Kambo is a legal non psychoactive Amazonian medicine derived from the Giant Monkey Frog phyllomedusa bicolor. The aim of the ceremony is to release stored toxins from within the tissues and organs. This results in a cleanse not only physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. Many people do not understand how hidden  infections, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and molds have a direct connection to our emotional well being. Kambo can kind of act as a silver bullet to eliminate these pathogens that supplement protocols can not seem to penetrate. 


Kambo may be beneficial for:

*Auto Immune Conditions

*Mold Toxicity

*Lyme Disease



*Alzheimers Disease

*Parkinsons Disease


*Addiction Issues




*Clearing Negative Energy

What to Expect

While the Kambo secretion is used as a defense mechanism in its natural habitat it has shown many benefits when interacting with the human body. The secretion from the frog is applied through tiny burn marks called gates. Once applied you will immediately begin feelings the effects such as increased temperature, increased heart rate, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mild swelling, and light headedness. 

While the ceremony itself can be physically demanding most people leave feeling grounded, connected to their body, and report spiritual and emotional benefits!




Sanaga is a traditional Amazonian eye drop medicine derived from the root of the shrub Tabernaemontana Sanaga. This shrub is in the same plant family as Iboga and its active ingredient is ibogaine. 

Sanaga has traditionally been used for depth perception while hunting and  to sharpen vision.

From a spiritual standpoint sanaga is used to open the third eye and balance the chakras. This will help you feel more grounded and present during the kambo ceremony. 



Rapè which is actually pronounced "ha-peh" is a fine ground tobacco snuff that has been used for thousands of years to deepen spiritual and sacred practices. The tobacco is harvested with intention and ground up while singing songs and prayer. 

Rapè is sometimes mixed with various sacred ash, bark, stems, or leaves to provide different uses and benefits. 

Rapè is administered via the nasal cavities with with a hand made bamboo or bone utensil called a Tepi. It is important to administer through both nostrils so that the energy is balanced. 

Using rapè prior to a kambo ceremony helps you ground into your body. This helps to relieve anxiety and make the kambo much easier to tolerate. 

Rapè is traditionally used release blockages, increase concentration, clear sinuses, relieve headaches, and to cool down on warm weather days.



You may not be able to participation Kambo if you:

*Are pregnant or planning to

*Are nursing a child under six  months

*Have had a brain aneurysm

*Are taking low blood pressure        medication

*have Addisons Disease

*have taken 5-meo-DMT or Bufo in the last four weeks

*Have had a stroke or blood clot

*Have had serious heart problems

*Have gone through chemo in the  last four weeks

*Are taking Immunosupressant drugs  for an organ transplant



All Guidelines must be followed day of the ceremony:

*You must fast for 6-8 before ceremony

*Drink minimal amounts of water 

*Do not take medications or supplements beforehand 

*No coffee or caffeinated drinks beforehand

*Coconut water, Honey, or herbal tea is fine. 

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